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Discretionary credit limits

A discretionary credit limit is where an exposure is not formally approved by Coface but is covered subject to you having justification for granting the credit limit to the buyer: either by (i) using an approved Information Source report no older than six months or (ii) having a satisfactory trading experience with your buyer for the 12 months preceding the transaction. You can uplift the discretionary credit limit using satisfactory trading experience by increasing the highest month end cleared balance paid within terms by 25%. The maximum discretionary credit limit for a CoverCredit policy is GBP 10,000.

List of approved countries where you can use your discretionary limit:

Abu Dhabi (UAE) Gibraltar Portual
Ajman (UAE) Greece Portuguese Pos Africa
Andorra Hong Kong                    Qatar
Australia  Hungary Ras Al-Khaimah (UAE)
Possession of Australia Iceland Romania
Austria   India San Marino
Bahamas Indonesia  
Belgium Ireland Seychelles
Bermuda Israel Sharjah (UAE)
Botswana Italy Singapore
Possession of GB in Africa Japan Slovakia
Possession of GB in America South Korea Slovenia
British Indian Ocean Territory Kuwait Spain
Brunei Latvia Sweden
Bulgaria Liechtenstein      Switzerland
Canada   Lithuania Taiwan
Chile    Luxembourg  Thailand
China Macau Trinidad and Tobago
Colombia Malaysia Turks and Caicos Islands
Cook Islands Malta Umm-al-Quwain (UAE)
Croatia Mauritius   United Kingdom
Cyprus Monaco United States 
Czech Republic Morocco Possession of USA in America
Denmark  Netherlands Antilles Possession of USA in Oceana
Possession of Denmark      Netherlands Uruguay
Dubai (UAE) New Caledonia Vatican
Estonia New Zealand Wallis & Futuna
Fiji Possession of New Zealand  
Finland   Norway  
France Panama  
French Polynesia Peru  
Fujairah (UAE) Philippines  
Germany Poland  


List of approved Information Sources:

Approved Information Source Domestic Trade Export Trade
Company Watch Ltd Y Y
CreditSafe Business Solutions Ltd Y Y
Creditserve Business Information Ltd Y Y
Dun & Bradstreet UK Y Y
Equifax Plc Y Y
Experian Ltd Y Y
Experian Business Express Y N
Graydon UK Ltd Y N